Dani Alves reveals his struggles playing against Cristiano Ronaldo in El Clasico

Former Barcelona defender, Dani Alves has admitted that he found it ‘difficult’ to mark Cristiano Ronaldo during El Clasico games, describing the Portuguese star as a ‘b******’ who ‘didn’t let him breathe’.

The pair played against each other multiple times in El Clasico when Ronaldo was at Real Madrid and he was at Barcelona.

Alves, who is playing in Mexico with Liga MX side Pumas, has described former Los Blancos player as one of the hardest opponents he has faced in his career.

In an Marca interview with Hugo Sanchez, Alves said: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo, this b*****d doesn’t let you breathe for a second. I didn’t do too badly, but it’s difficult. He’s a scoring machine.’

Alves was also asked to decide who is the greatest of all time between former Barcelona team-mate and PSG star Lionel Messi, and the Brazilian legend and multiple World Cup winner Pele.

Alves said: ‘I choose Pele for one reason: he changed football. Messi changed a generation. All those people who are more than football, I’m going to choose them. And besides, I’m Brazilian.

‘For me, Pele should not be part of this debate. If you ask me, who is the best player in history? I would say Messi. Pele doesn’t come into it.’

Alves, 39, has a one-year deal with the Mexican side but has not committed to extending his stay at the club.

‘Before I ask for anything, I like to deliver. I have a year to prove myself with them,’ he said.

‘I wouldn’t have a problem [to extend].

‘I need to show them that I can [perform], that together we can build a very cool team in Mexico, that plays in a different way in which the young players can come through.’

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